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My housemate and I got approved for a place to rent in St Kilda yesterday! We pick the keys up March 25th. The waiting sucks a little bit, but I guess it means less overlapping rent that we have to pay. I'm excited to be living closer to the city and in a more cosmopolitan area! Fitzroy St (about a block away) is famous for its cafes etc., and we're quite close to the beach, the Palais Theatre and Luna Park.

Now the jobhunt begins... My contract with Telstra has been extended to June 30, but after that with a reorganisation going on, there's not much they can promise after that. There are a few good looking positions around at the moment, so I think I'll throw my hat in the ring for those and see what happens, even though it's a little bit early.

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Yay, congrats! St Kilda is lovely, I had a chance to pass by there a couple times while I was staying with [personal profile] rb :D

(IIRC, there's also the weekend artist market there!)

Have fun and good luck withthe job hunt ♥


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