May. 14th, 2009

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Pretty sure I just got asked on a date by a friend-of-a-friend via Facebook messaging. What would we do without the Internet?

It's only a week until I move! I wish it was sooner. I'm so excited to get in to my new place, but there are Rules and stuff. I realised earlier that I actually don't have all that much to pack since most of my stuff is still packed up after moving back here from Bathurst. I'm going fridge and washing machine shopping on the weekend though.

Work was pretty insane today. I built an online entry submission system for the Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs). Up until now, we hadn't heard anything from the few networks that were asked to trial the system this year. Tomorrow, however, is the closing date for entries, so of course everyone's left it until the last minute and we're getting swapped with "X is broken", "how do I do Y?" and so on.

Originally Commercial Radio Australia (the guys running the ACRAs) were going to open the system to everyone straight away. I think we're all very lucky they decided to do only a trial run this year. Testing is a Good Thing.

I expect tomorrow to be even more busy. Thankfully it's also Friday and almost the weekend!


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