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[personal profile] afuna started a bit of a thing amongst Dreamwidth developers where instead of doing NaNoWriMo proper, they're aiming to submit 30 (or whatever) patches during the month of November. I've decided to try something similar!

November is actually going to be quite busy for me, so 30 patches would likely be unrealistic. Instead, I'm going to aim to review at least 30 patches in November. I haven't reviewed much, but with the extra people trying to get their 30 patches in this month, there should be heaps of stuff to review.

This is my tracking post!


  1. 2046: Staff page out of date

  2. 1966: last maintainer" warning shows up for all maintainers, not just last

  3. 2003: Note which of your comments have replies on Manage Comments

  4. 2058: Theme: Muted Seashore (Fluid Measure)

  5. 2057: Theme: Transmogrified (Pale Jewels)

  6. 2055: Website name in Skittlish style looks like plain sidebar text

  7. 2052: Refried Tablet + Themes

  8. 2068: Themes: Steele and Beechy (Bases)

  9. 2078: Themes: Dark Forest and Forest Green (Transmogrified)

  10. 2053: some views ignore "site" attributes on [Unknown site tag] tags in entry subjects

  11. 1871: expand layout preview to other pages besides "recent entries" view

  12. 2087: Font sizes in Funky Circles

  13. 1969: Theme: Azure (Negatives)

  14. 2074: Theme: Soft Blues (Drifting)

  15. 1575: Usability improvement for Next/Prev navigation

  16. 2099: Inconsistent spacing between comment links on site scheme comment pages

  17. 2067: Theme: Light On Dark (Boxes and Borders)

  18. 2090: News module widget should respect cuts


  1. 1586: Add dynamic time options to the Post Entry page

  2. 2095: 10 themes: Transmogrified

  3. 2105: Expand comment link doesn't appear on comments without replies in S2

  4. 2088: htdocs/latest.bml doesn't respect preformatted option

  5. 2119: Reading page uses journal-wide adult content setting for displaying NSFW/18+ icons

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