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Okay, it wasn't really therapy, but it makes me feel better about spending the money if I tell myself it was... I bought a tie, cuff links and handkerchief set today from a place down in Melbourne. Hopefully they'll arrive before next Tuesday. I've taken the day off work to go to the local horse race track for their Melbourne Cup Day with some friends. A few weeks ago I bought myself an amazing new suit, and this will be my first chance to wear it. Very exciting!

I'm going to Newcastle next week to visit some old uni friends. I love these girls and I haven't seen them in so long, so it'll be great. My sister also recently semi-moved to Newcastle, so I'll see her as well. I haven't really been to Newcastle much, even though it's only a 3.5 hour drive from here. I'll probably go more now that I have quite a few friends and family there.

Sort of broke AJAX ESN on Dreamwidth today with a code push, but I was able to fix it easily and Mark pushed the patch live not long after. The end result is that AJAX ESN/comment management now works in S2 with text-based links and not just image-based ones! I also added an option for community maintainers to chose whether a "Post to this community" link and a "View this community's posting guidelines" (the entry for which can be set by maintainers) after someone joins/subscribes to the community.
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Yesterday I went and bought a fridge and washing machine for my new place. Luckily a friend of mine was working so we were able to wrangle a Good Deal. They'll be delivered to my new place the afternoon of my first moving day, so at least those are two fairly large items we won't have to worry about moving ourselves.

My aunt and cousin were visiting this weekend too. I took them and Mum for a drive to see my new place. I tried to ring the real estate agent to see if I could get the key to actually take them through, but none of the property management staff work on the weekends, so. We were able to peek in the windows, so they could see most of it. My aunt was really excited about it.

The last week or so I've done a bit of development stuff around Dreamwidth (as well as a bit of support). I'm such a Perl noob, but I'm slowly figuring things out. Mostly by trial and error! I banged around on things this weekend and something resembling a front end for FAQ category management fell out, which is cool. Fixed various other bugs and added small enhancements during the week too.


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