Nov. 19th, 2009 12:51 pm
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I wasn't aware the iPhone has a built-in gaydar! I was typing a message and accidentally typed 'bette' while trying for 'better'. My iPhone auto-capitalised to 'Bette'.

iPhone is the wind beneath my wings.
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I completely missed that it was National Coming Out Day (and given that the UK celebrates on October 12, I'm going to assume that we will too, so I'm not late).

I came out "completely" a few months ago. Until then all of my friends and most of my extended family knew, but I hadn't told my parents. I posted about it at the time, so I won't go over the story again except to say that it was completely fine and all the anxiety was unfounded.

Until I told my parents I thought I was comfortable with myself. I didn't feel like I was pretending to be anyone else, because I thought I was completely being myself except they didn't know I liked guys. No huge deal, right? I was so surprised at exactly how much weight was lifted off when I did tell my parents.

I don't really act any differently now they know and I think I'm just as much myself as I was before, except that I don't have to be careful about my choice of words when talking about relationships etc. It's also much easier not to have to dodge the marriage/children/girlfriends conversations.

I know that compared to a lot of people, my coming out turned out to be really easy and I'm so thankful for that. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.


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