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Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the iPad 2 is coming out soon, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting one. I never ended up with an original iPad, so I think it's time to treat myself to an early birthday present. I don't think I'll get it at launch, but hopefully soon after. Bit excited!

Have started sending some job applications out. Nothing too full on yet, but we'll see how we go.

More excitingly, yesterday I was allotted four seats to be part of The 7PM Project audience next Thursday! The studio is on Chapel St, so some friends and I are going out for drinks first, off to the show, and then out for dinner afterwards at The Oriental Tea House. Mmm, dumplings. I'd never had dumplings until I moved to Melbourne, and I can't believe what I've been missing!

Long weekend this weekend in Victoria, about which I was unaware until someone mentioned it off-hand at work on Monday. I'm going on a brunch date Saturday on Chapel St, and will probably have brunch in St Kilda with my housemate on Sunday to start scoping out our new suburb. Other than that, I'll hopefully spend the rest of it getting ready to move.


Mar. 5th, 2011 08:07 pm
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I went to inspect three places in St Kilda this morning. The first one wasn't any good, so we won't bother applying for it. The second and third were nice, though. We were able to fill in the application for one ahead of time, and the other we'll email tomorrow or Monday morning. Fingers crossed!

Other than those inspections, I'm very deliberately having a quiet weekend at home. Last weekend was huge and really wore me out. Since moving to Melbourne, I can't actually remember the last time I had a truly relaxing weekend. That's not to say I haven't enjoyed myself; I've loved being busy and doing things. I just need a weekend off to let my body catch up.
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Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's been over a year since I've updated here! So long that I can't really remember why I stopped... So much has happened, though.

I guess I should do a quick life update! In October last year I moved from Tamworth, NSW, to Melbourne, Victoria. I decided I needed to move to the city after realising that no, I'm really not a country kid at all! Almost six months later I can safely say it's the best move I've ever made.

There's always something to do! I love it. And of course I have to admit that I'm enjoying the gay clubbing. ;) I'm working as a contract web developer for Telstra (Australia's leading telco), which I'm also loving. It's such a change (and improvement) from my last job.

What's new with you guys?!


Nov. 12th, 2009 01:53 pm
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I went to lunch with a friend today (Alyce) and I mentioned off-hand how a) I wanted to see Wicked and b) I want to go for a trip to Melbourne at some point. She just about fell off her chair saying she wanted to see Wicked so bad and also would like to see Melbourne at some point!

My original plan was to go to Wicked in Melbourne and kill two birds with one stone, but I hadn't realised that it had already been to Melbourne before coming to Sydney. So the current tentative plan is to fly to Sydney one Friday after work, see Wicked at the Capitol Theatre, then fly down to Melbourne Saturday morning, spend the weekend there doing Melbourney things and then come back Sunday night. Exciting!

I'm also taking tomorrow off to go to Port Macquarie for my grandfather's 80th birthday. It'll be good to catch up with some family that I haven't seen for a while, and the beach is always nice. I love Port. I love long weekends away.

I'm probably going to Festival of the Sun in Port mid-December, and a trip to Bathurst some time soon to catch up with friends. Busy, busy.


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