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I've spent the entire day tired and irritable, mostly due to a lack of sleep. The lack of sleep is entirely my own fault, but I'm too tired and irritable to care.

If by some horrible twist of fate I end up with a child and start to think it's a good idea to change my Facebook status to something about how proud I am that my son didn't piss his pantssuccessfully used the potty, someone do me the decency of shooting me.
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I had an appointment earlier this morning to go and see a unit I'm interested in renting. I got there and there was a couple and another lady also scheduled to go in. We all wait around for a while and the agent finally turns up almost 10 minutes late.

We all get ready to go in and the agent walks up to the front door. After trying the keys, she discovers none of them fit the front door. Okay, so she tries the garage key. No deal. Tries to go around the back, finds the fence too high to climb, so tries the other side. She finds a gate. She tries to use the keys at the backdoor to no success.

After the guy from the couple tries the garage key, the agent comes up with a bright idea. She walks up to the window and tries to break in. I understand that it's not really that big a deal, but breaking in to a place is not the best way to instill confidence in potential tenants. All I could think was "If this slight, middle-aged white woman who wouldn't know the ghetto if it bit her on the ass manages to break in to this house, I'm so out of here."

Luckily for her she was unsuccessful and I'm going back tomorrow at 9am.


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